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Craziest One-Night Stay Reports

These Crazy Morning-After tales Might Just Be The Funniest Thing Ever

Let’s tell the truth: One-night stands are strange. You are taking a whole stranger and introducing them to many personal elements of yourself. Then you definitely likely never ever see them again. Makes full sense, right?

Of course, many different aspects need to be considered — liquor, whether you are on holiday, whether you feel down and require a random hookup, finding somebody way to avoid it of league striking you, or simply just common logic-overthrowing horniness. 

But the outcome is practically constantly this: You awake near to a complete stranger. And awkwardness ensues. 

That is why Redditors hopped on this concern: Reddit, understanding your worst experience of getting out of bed after a one night stand?

The responses are very wonderful. 







Alas, all had not been really and after 2 hours of knocking on doors he realised he had completely disregarded in which she lived.

The guy returned where you can find me personally and all of our stinking flat in which he prepared breakfast for us both with a heavy cardiovascular system and also the bluest of balls.

*Update – I just remembered another perspective to the story – he phoned me as he had been taking walks to your shop and told me he couldn’t keep in mind whether her name had been, say often, 'Emma’ or 'Anna’, then phoned myself again in an anxiety a while later on whilst seeking the woman residence asking exactly what two names he’d told me she might be known as having disregarded both of those too. — chris1300


















Think about you? Any crazy stories? Show them in the responses…



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